Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Purple Piglets

(but were afraid to ask!)

Birth Of A Piglet…

In 1989, the founder of our company, Eddie Mann, had a moment of clarity. An epiphany, if you will. What was that epiphany, you ask? Marketing Sucks. That’s the epiphany! Pretty straightforward, huh? Well, it was a little more detailed than that but what he meant was that marketing for small businesses was, well…uh…’limited.’ It seemed that every marketing avenue available (choices, companies, salesmen, and the results they promised, etc.) were (and still are!) all geared toward big business, not small or micro businesses. Those avenues ‘may’ (and even that is a stretch) work for big business, but not for the little guy. Especially businesses with small budgets. It was at that moment that he set out to learn about marketing for small businesses. Learn, but also, practice…

For the next 20 years, he researched, practiced, and implemented marketing techniques for several of his own businesses as well as helping numerous friends in the micro-business community. After some initial setbacks, a pattern started to emerge. A methodology was slowly but surely starting to be created. This marketing ‘algorithm’ was a way to start, grow, and then expand a new small business. Especially a ‘start-up.’


Oink – Finally!

In 2009, after years of helping himself and others with the marketing of different businesses, the self proclaimed “Big Piglet of Marketing,” Eddie Mann, decided to go full-time. Thus, The Purple Piglet Marketing Company was born. The whole idea behind the concept of The Purple Piglet Marketing Company was to offer all the different marketing services to businesses when, where, and only if they needed them.

We get this. We really do. We here at TPPMC understand, that most small businesses can’t afford one full-time marketing person, let alone one that really knows what they are doing, let alone a whole team of marketing people with individual areas of expertise. It’s impossible, right? Plus, a business’s need for marketing doesn’t always fall into the full-time category. Some marketing needs are quick. A design here. A tweak there. A new ad created here. A blog post written there. With TPPMC you get the best of the best working on individual market projects. Need a new website created? We have people that are experts in that area working on your site. Need a Facebook page created? We will have different people working on that for you. Need to negotiate the secret world of Google Adwords? We have people that are just experts with Google products.

The Pig Challenge…

We challenge you and your business to find a marketing company that is more knowledgeable, savvy, professional, cutting-edge, infinitely cheaper, and more ‘pig’-tastic than The Purple Piglet Marketing Company. You won’t! You can’t! It’s impossible. We want to show you that there is simply no better company for marketing a small business than the one you are looking at right now!

Let us prove it to you…


"You piggies are the absolute best! I am so glad we found you. You're great at what you do. We love our new site!" - B. Sumner

"OMG - What would we have done without you guys. The new site, Adwords, the digital checkins, everything is soooo cool!" - Doug K.

"Thank you so much for your help in marketing the site we made for ourselves. Thanks to you, and your efforts, people will know the truth about our industry!" - D. Moss

"Great site you made for us. The trees thank you. Our customers do too!" - Bob D.

"Just went through the site and it looks great! I feel that you guys have done a great job. I know that it looks very professional and I am proud to have people see it. THANK YOU so very much for you help in getting this up and running!" - Tanya O.