Lee A. Pert

Founder / Graphics Guy Extraordinaire

Present –  One of the main piggies here at TPPMC!

2005-2009 Worked at a graphic design firm as lead designer

2003-2005 Taught programming and graphics for private students

2000-2002 Interned at PML&T (a sign and graphics company)

1999 Graduated Georgetown University


• Won a hot-dog eating contest

• Have won several design awards for computer graphics

• Graduated in the top 10% at Georgetown University

• Graduated in the top 5% at Dressen High School

• Recently finished a one-man show for computer animation

• Helped design website for Vito Pini Hair Salon

• Working on 2 logo concepts for TPPMC clients

This Is My Story

The picture on the left is a place holder. (I actually have a much better smile than that piglet!) I majored in Mathematics at Georgetown University. I love the analyzation process that mathematics provides, but it lacks subjective artistry. That’s where computer graphics fills the void for me. I started graphic design (part time) while still in school and ending up loving it! I still help with programming here at The Purple Piglet, but graphic design is my main gig and I love it!

  • Drive 100% 100%
  • Love of my job 100% 100%
  • Logo Designing 100% 100%

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