Google Adwords And Other PPC Pricing

Whether it’s Google Adwords, Bing Ad Center, Yahoo’s PPC, or any other Pay-Per-Click program…
The Purple Piglet Marketing Company can help you do it right!

Things To Keep In Mind With PPC

Google would have you believe that setting up an Adwords account (with little or no experience) is easy. It’s actually the farthest thing from ‘easy.’ There are several things that must be done correctly in order to have a super ‘pig-tastic,’ high-performing, PPC account. This means that all the following elements must ‘talk’ to each other. These elements are:

On the Google website, all the campaigns, ad groups, settings, keywords, and bid strategies must be done flawlessly.

• Your website must be set up correctly. This means: surgical ‘landing pages’ must be set up for each campaign/ad group and be done the correct way.

• Meta data must be precisely embedded within your landing page to ensure proper website-to-Google communication.

• It is not completely necessary, but it also helps to have separate tracking numbers and spreadsheets to ‘monitor’ Adwords.

We can assist you or completely take over the administration of the above protocols. This can be done in person at our location, your office, an outside location such as a Starbucks, or even through screen-sharing via Whatever is convenient for you!

Our Pay-Per-Click Pricing

Pay Per Click pricing, or PPC for short (and in particular – Google Adwords) can be complex. If you need us to only take a look at what you’ve done and analyze it – we can do that! Or, if you’ve never done a PPC campaign before – we can help you design a campaign from scratch. Need us to completely ‘re-do’ a campaign that you previously started? Sure! We can take over your existing campaign(s) and examine it, identify the mistakes, and ultimately re-do or change it. Need us to monitor your PPC campaigns for optimum results? We can do that too! There are many questions we need to ask you before we can give an accurate price, so a complementary phone interview is always provided, even with our ‘standard pricing’ packages listed below. We have a list of key questions that, once they are answered, will point us in a direction that culminates in a spot-on bid for your PPC needs. But in the meantime, here are some basic pricing plans…

We set up our own Adwords account and it was a horrendous experience. After you guys ‘re-did’ it for us it started really performing for us. Our quality scores went from 2’s and 3’s to 8’s and 9’s!

- Sean D.

Wow! After seeing how convoluted the Google Adwords set up was, we knew we needed some help. We are so glad we found The Piggies. We are pretty savvy business people here, but we wanted nothing to do with the set-up or monitoring of this behemoth. Thank you so much for taking the burden off our hands…

- P. Murphy

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