('Pig FAQs')
OMG! What's with the whole pig thingy?

Don’t ask – you don’t wanna know… Just kidding…. It’s simple really. We know marketing, and one of the main tenets of marketing is to differentiate yourself from the competition. The world is filled with super serious names like ‘New Trenz Marketing,’ ‘Millennium Marketers,’ ‘Forward Vision Marketing,’…blah blah blah. We believe we are a nice amalgam. A blending of skillful and knowledgeable personnel with a great sense of fun and humor. The owner has always loved pigs. So the two came together. Plain and simple! 🙂 

What is the Purple Piglet refund policy?

It depends on the product. But for the record, we will not, have not, and never will –  have a customer that wasn’t utterly ecstatic with any of our pig-products or pig-services. Basically, this means there is nothing we won’t do to make things right!

If we host our website with you guys, how is payment made?

Hosting is paid by month. We bill on the 1st of every month.


Can I upgrade any product or service?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time after purchasing any of our products or services. You will just pay the difference between the two products or services (as long as they are similar!).

Can I use your website design with

Unfortunately does not allow the use of custom themes. If you would like to use a custom site designed by us (and we ARE NOT HOSTING IT FOR YOU), you will need to purchase your own hosting account and install the free software from

What are your methods of payment?

We take everything! Cash, Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, and pre-approved check.

Do you guys do consulting?

Absa-pig-o-lutely! We love the opportunity to come into a business and analyze the ‘whole enchilada’ and then map out a great all-encompassing strategy.

What file formats do you accept?

Almost all of them. You can use the upload feature in our Contact Form or send an email to your representative with the file attached. Here is a list of the most popular file formats:

Photoshop (psd)
Email with text
General text file
Rich-text file

And many others!

Are you hiring?

We are always on the lookout for great talent. Get in touch with us via the Contact Form and tell us a little about you and what your qualifications are. We will be in touch!

Do you work with big business too?

Honestly, we don’t like to. It’s not that we don’t have the skill set(s) to do so, we just enjoy working with small and micro businesses. This typically means businesses with 0 – 9 employees. That’s our niche! That’s where we excel!

You probably have little stuffed pigs EVERYWHERE in your offices, right?

You betcha! Our employees bring them in, and we get a ton of them from our clients too! Hysterical!