PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

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What Is Pay-Per-Click?

Pay-Per-Click or PPC for short, is one of the best forms of marketing in the world. It was designed for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others. It works like this: When somebody types in a single keyword (ex. ‘cars’) or keyword phrase (‘cheap used cars’) the search engine lists articles, map locations, and specific ads. The ads are what we are talking about. You pay the company (Google, Bing, etc) only when somebody actually clicks on it from a computer or calls it from a smart phone! It’s a fantastic way to advertise. Not only can it be really cheap, it’s also targeted. Unlike an ad in a newspaper, the PPC ad appeals to specific people who are actually searching for a specific thing. You see? That’s targeting! In contrast, the newspaper ad is being viewed by everyone who happens to be on that page. Most of these people have no interest in your specific product or service.

The small figure on the right shows PPC ads from different companies that sell cutlery, and in particular, ‘catering‘ cutlery. The PPC ads are highlighted and boxed out in red. If somebody clicks on an ad (that takes them to the company’s website) the cutlery company now pays (in this case Google) a small fee, usually a dollar or so. If they don’t click or call, no money is owed to Google! Easy, right? Not so fast!

PPC Pitfalls

Setting up a PPC campaign with any search engine company is easy to do wrong, and very hard to do correctly. Even worse are the consequences if done poorly. Despite how ‘easy’ these companies make it sound, setting up a good and effective PPC campaign requires a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill. First of all, your website has to be ‘optimized’ with correct landing pages that are very specific to the product or service you want to advertise. Secondly, PPC tracking is a must to find out what is working and more importantly, what isn’t. What geographical regions do you want to advertise in? What days of the week? What hours? What keywords? Should you use negative keywords as ‘road blocks’? How much should you bid for each keyword? These, and many other questions must be asked and answered before jumping into the PPC world.

Depending on what needs to be done, The Purple Piglet Marketing Company can do it all for you. We can get you set up correctly and get you on the road to a successful PPC marketing campaign.

Google Adwords: The Standard In The PPC World .

Adowrds? PPC? What do these words mean?  Simple. Adwords is the brand name of the Pay-Per-Click marketing program that Google offers. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It means you pay when a user clicks your ad. Adwords is the easiest way to get on the front page of Google. And it can get you on TODAY. No waiting for 6-18 months like when you start an SEO campaign. Like any kind of marketing, there are pros and cons with Adwords too. Here are some of them:


What Are The PROS?

Fast. Cheap. Immediate results.


What Are The CONS?

The Setup. Constant Monitoring. Costly Mistakes.

There is a misconception that Adwords is easy to implement. It is not. The good news is that we are experts in every facet of Google Adwords.

• Planning
• Setup
• Implementation
• Tracking (see blue image to right)

The Purple Piglet Marketing Company has set up thousands of PPC campaigns for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others. Call us and let’s discuss your personal situation. We can correct a bad campaign or start you off on the right foot if this is your first time!

Click the image below to see what PPC ads look like (the PPC ads are highlighted in RED)


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Click on the image below to see what PPC tracking looks like

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