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What Our Customers Are Saying.

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“OMG! What a lifesaver you guys are. Long live The Piggies! We knew we needed help with a new website and with Adwords, but we had no idea how disorganized our whole marketing ‘strategy’ actually was. Those DCI’s (Digital Check Ins) that you created for us has not only simplified the check in process for our customers, but it has armed us with a ton of information that has been given to us by our own customers! Wow! (we should just say OINK!)”

Doug K.

Owner, Vito Pin Salon and Spa

“So I just spent 2 hrs reviewing this awesome new website! I cannot tell you what an amazing job you did for me. I appreciate it very much. It is terrific. When I was done, I clicked the blogs…and wow even there you came through. You guys a very talented and I am so glad you agreed to work with me. This is my company and I am extremely passionate about it. You guys picked up on that and hit a home run on with my new site.

…it brought tears to my eyes it’s so good!”


Barb S. (Owner/A.O.C.)

“Thank you soooo much for your marketing expertise. We had no idea how to market the website that we designed, and you guys really did a great job for us. Thanks to you, the public will finally know the real truth about our industry. When we get the O.K. to redo our site, we are gonna put you guys in charge of doing it for us! We love The Purple Piglets!”

D. M. (Founder/ Honestlocksmiths.org)

Can I use your pig team on a part-time basis?

Of course! In fact, it’s one of the main advantages of using us. Use us when you need to, have to, or want to. Easy Breezy!

Do your 'piglets' come to us, or do we go to you?

Whatever works for you. You can certainly come to us, if it is a quick project or consulting situation. If it is a more long-term project, we can come to you or screen share. Either way, The Piglets are here to help!

You guys do a lot of stuff, what's your best service?

Well…not to brag…but we are equally proficient at everything. Our employees, (sorry –  piglets) have different skill sets. We assign the best person piglet for the job!

Is there a discount if we use you guys for multiple services?

You betcha! We will give you a custom bid if you have multiple marketing projects that you need us to help you with.

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