Digital Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Find out what your customers really think about their experience with your business!

 Their TRUTH…will set you free.

What Are Digital Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

Digital Customer Satisfaction Surveys (or DCSS for short) are the ‘companion’ piece to Digital Check-Ins. They work side-by-side. A DCSS lets you know exactly what a new (or even an existing) customer thinks about their experience at or with your business. One of the keys to success is the ‘honesty factor.’ The DCSS’s go to the client in the form of an email. They can take the survey in private. This privacy helps them be at ease with conveying some sensitive information, especially if the information is negative. What if the client had a bad experience or had some negative comments? As a business owner, you want to hear these negative comments as well as the positive ones, right? Of course you do. It’s important to get realistic and honest feedback about your business. This is the only way you can correct mistakes or adapt to new situations that maybe you have not even contemplated. Clients and customers are less likely to give this negative feedback to the owner directly. They may be afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. They are less likely to feel this way in the privacy of their own home. That is where the majority of these Digital Customer Satisfaction Surveys get filled out. The privacy of the client’s home!

How Does It Work?

Simple. Because your business has the client’s/customer’s email, you simply send (this process is usually automated!) an email with a link to the survey. This survey is usually a separate page on your website. This page can be visible to the public (physically attached to your site), or a non-visible page (only visible by a link sent in an email). They fill out the information and then hit SUBMIT. They will then see a page on their computer screen that says, ‘Thank you for taking the survey.’ You can even have a coupon attached to that page. Then those answers get returned to you in the form of an email, where you can cut and past the results into your database, or client card, or wherever you want them to be stored.  You now have some real, honest answers to questions about the experience your clients had. Need to see a real-life example of a DCSS? Click on the 3 examples on the right. Start from the top right (image 1), the middle right (image 2), and end with the last image at the bottom right (image 3). By seeing this DCSS in 3 parts, you can get a sense of the information that this particular business is gathering.

DCSS’s are very effective!

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