Digital 'Check-Ins'

Correct Client Info • Great Customer ‘Intel’ • No Extra Labor Costs • Automated ‘Thank You’ Email Sent

…All In One Move!

What Is A Digital Check-In?

We here at The Purple Piglet Marketing Company are big believers in the Digital Check In! A digital check-in (or DCI for short) is a way of having your customers check into your business digitally via a computer or tablet. No more antiquated sign-in procedures at the front desk. With our personalized DCI’s you get the correct customer information sent directly to anybody in your office without extra labor costs.

Here is an example: Think about the last time you went to the doctor. Do you remember a front desk person asking you, “Please update your information on this clipboard and when you are finished, please return it here to the front desk”? This is soooo old school. In the new digital age, it is possible to have this same information put directly into a computer or tablet that sits at the front desk. No more clipboards. No more illegible handwriting, No more lost paperwork! It all goes seamlessly from your clients/customers to you. Not only that, but that exact information is in the form of an email. You can use this information to help better market your business in the future.

A Real Life Example:

The image to the right shows a basic DCI that a hair salon utilizes. Click on it to see the type of information that they gather from each and every client. That information goes directly to the head of marketing for the salon. At the same time that information is going to the marketing department, a separate email is already being sent automatically to the actual client’s email address. This email is ‘…thanking them for visiting the salon today’. All of this is being done without the front desk doing or saying anything. This frees up time so the front desk personnel can concentrate on other things –  and at the same time, giving the salon all the concise information about each client so they can market other products and services to that specific individual at a later date.

Click the image below to see how a hair salon utilizes a digital check-in (on an iPad).